Company Business Model And Philosophy

Conscious Property Alchemy (CPA) is a business model, a philosophy and a new way of looking at property developments and real estate investments.


Being Conscious while doing business involves a new way of looking at property investments and development in a Conscious way – conscious of the impact on the environment, community and the planet.


The Property industry is my chosen field of expertise. This is the industry we feel passionate about.


Alchemy in this instance refers to making money out of non-profitable or undesirable items. This is the important part of the model – as this is what takes the business model further and adaptable by others.


Through ongoing strategic development and investment initiatives, we are dedicated to innovative solutions which benefit the planet, environment and communities while delivering amazing profits & returns.


We aim to create synergy, fun and a joyous working environment by embracing new technologies and relationships in an efficient & profitable manner.


Conscious Business is the business that aims to make the profit while Doing Good. Some Conscious Businesses look at the profit as a by-product of Doing Good. The above is often preceded by thinking: Do What you love – Do Good – Profits will follow!


While there is nothing wrong with this thinking and it beats doing something just for the money – this approach is more of a “hit and miss” when it comes to profit. By setting your intention clear on Profit AND Doing Good – the business will be developed differently from the onset.


For Conscious Business – “Doing Good” is a currency and desirable outcome just like making the profit – but in this case, these two fundamental elements are inseparable.


Conscious Business often involves the use of technology and more often than not – collaboration and sharing of resources between people and parties involved.


Our business moto is:

Profit While Doing Good!