Overview – Property Entrepreneurs

The shareholders of ARIOBEX are well-seasoned business and property entrepreneurs.


  • Mr Slaven Gajovich has been in various property and related industries since 1993.
  • Mr Thabo Kubu has been business developer for the past 40 years.
  • Mr Kgotla Kukama is known for his stakeholder management and developments.
  • Mr Panico Protopapa is well-known property investor.


Our core businesses are Mega Projects and Mega Project Developments, Renewable Services and Infrastructure


ARIOBEX has a number of Real Estate industry related companies.

Property Developments and Investments – our core business


Property developments and investments, which mainly consist Mega Project or green renewable services, is where our focus lies.

These involve creating Government subsidized projects and related activities.


Directors were, and are involved in number of developments at any given time – mainly in Gauteng area – and of various sizes. For example: from 3000 sqm retail strip; hijacked buildings revitalizing; to 22 000 units Mixed use Mega Project.



In each of our developments we make use of green and renewable technologies as much as possible.


Our Solar Farm – “Wheatlands Solar Farm” – is done in conjunction with international Solar company as strategic partners, and is the first solar farm in the West Rand area.


It spans over 20Ha of land on Farm Wheatlands; 260IQ; on which the Mega Project of 22 000 units is being developed.


Solar Farm will provide 10W of power to the nearby businesses and residents in the Mega Project.