Pioneering Real Estate – Conscious Property Alchemy

The love for technology, green and renewable energy has led us to create a number of innovative services that are right at the forefront of the property industry. Our own movement – “Conscious Property Alchemy” – is a new way of thinking and doing business in real estate by leaving people, environment and the planet in a better state after the property investment or development has taken place.


A typical example of that would be African continent’s first “SkyFarm” – inner city farming – the conversion of an existing dilapidated building into vertical farm. It is totally independent of the weather elements and will be producing fresh organic produce for the community 24/7/365. This project not only creates food but also permanent jobs, uplifts the area and educates the community.


Also our group’s Hybrid/Off-grid model is South Africa’s first all encompassing economically viable services model with attractive returns to investors.


It offers solutions that include solar and gas energy, biomass sewer treatment, water harvesting and treatment, fibre optics and advanced IT infrastructure, and waste sorting, treatment and recycling.


Some of the solutions, in addition to the above, can also create up to 500 permanent jobs with in the renewable model of sewer treatment, aquaponics, crops and piggery production. The model not only provides for the developments and its residents carbon footprint reduction, but also alleviates the pressure on the local municipalities for providing services.

Our solution offerings include Urban Solar Farms, Water recycling and harvesting, Grey Water and affluent treatment, Data and Connectivity.


Our business model enables us to provide unique proposition for Urban Solar Farms – we will fund it and set it up without financial input funding necessary from Municipality or end users/off-takers.

The same business model can be applied to Water Treatment and Data and Connectivity.